From the intricate details of your dress to the look in his eyes when he reads your final love note before “I do,” I want you to be able to treasure that beauty as the gift it is, passing it on to the many generations that follow. So, I cross my heart and promise to be your hype woman, schedule keeper and tranquility defender. I promise to paddle canoes, brave subzero temperatures, and hop around on rocks like a lemur to get the perfect shot. I promise to keep you hydrated, comfy, and fed so you can live the best day of your life to its fullest. And I promise you, I won’t miss a thing. 

And whether your story is filled with days spent scaling Everest or cozy nights in, grand romantic gestures or simple, meaningful acts of love, I believe that your story is worth celebrating. That's why I do what I do.

With God as our greatest author, the pursuit of marriage is a setting-out into the most beautiful Chapter One he has given us in his Great Story, and there is nothing I love more than to be a witness to the uncontainable joy he brings to a couple on their wedding day. And I don’t want you to forget a single moment. 

we were created to live extraordinary stories.

I believe with all my heart that

“Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”


During your engagement session and on your wedding day, you’ll notice that I build in time to just...breathe. We aren’t on the set of a styled photoshoot. We are commemorating real, unrepeatable moments, and, even in the middle of the chaos, I want to give you room to savor that in a way that delivers not just photos, but lasting memories. 

tranquil moments


I have a heart for cultivating genuine, sincere relationships. That's probably why I love this work so much! More than just taking a pretty picture, I want to know your story and express that through images. This is why I commit time to investing in real friendship-building with each couple before their wedding day. 

genuine relationships


Let's just be honest: you're real-ass human beings, probably not Instagram models or hired actors.. You're not here to fulfill my vision - I'm here to celebrate yours. Because of this, I won't spend your wedding day contorting you into awkward poses or asking you to put on your best serious, romantic face if you'd rather light up your bridal portraits with laughter.

embraced reality


While we'll devote a lot of time to candids, I won't hesitate to give you direction to bring out your inner Vogue vibes. You can trust that I won't leave you high and dry during any “So uh...what am I supposed to do with my hands?” moments. At the end of the day, I want you to flip through your wedding album and think, "Damn...we look goooood.” So I'll do everything possible to help you look -- and truly feel -- your best. 

unshakable confidence


from my clients

"I will probably cry while writing this review because having Meredith as our wedding photographer was just that much of a blessing! Not only were her pictures amazing, but she was helpful, cheerful, flexible, and creative on such a chaotic day. She was EXACTLY what I needed. Our wedding day was not perfectly planned, but it was totally ok because we really just wanted to have fun, get married and enjoy the little moments, and Meredith perfectly encouraged and captured that! It's really hard to put into words how great of a photographer Meredith is because she truly felt like more than just a photographer. 

But lastly I want to say that what I most appreciated about Meredith on our day was that after the ceremony she recommended that my husband & I slow down (I felt so rushed and it was like 40 degrees outside) and let the guests wait a bit longer at the reception, so that we could get some more shots of just the two of us alone & relaxed. Those shots turned out to be my absolute favorites - I can't imagine not having those. So wise and thoughtful! We absolutely loveddd working with Meredith."

"more than just a photographer"

emma + garet



"better than i could have imagined"

"Meredith  was absolutely amazing to work with! She had a fun energy but also was able to redirect my crazy wedding party to keep things moving! She also has such a creative mind and had great ideas while also making sure to implement the ideas I had. The day went so smoothly and the pictures were better than I could have imagined! I got sneak peak photos the day after my wedding! I would recommend to any and every bride especially those who lean towards a boho look! Meredith will not disappoint!"

erin + isaac


"like we had known her for years"

"Meredith was awesome! she made us feel very comfortable because of how genuine she is. it felt like we had known her for years! she comes prepared and is reassuring in the way that doesn't add any nerves the day of. the bridal party and wedding guests were impressed with her ability to capture key photos while also remaining unnoticed! she kept us in the loop during the editing process and we so fell in love with our final images. her style is beautiful, natural, and intimate all at the same time."

sarah + tony


"super ninja skills"

"My husband knew Meredith from college, so we already knew that she is trustworthy, has a great personality, and is extremely talented. She made us feel extremely comfortable during photos, so all our photos look beautiful and authentic, and none of them look forced or posed. The indoor and outdoor pictures are both equal in beauty, quality, and lighting. Altogether, Meredith absolutely captured the joy of our wedding day perfectly. She captured the beauty and sacramentality of our Catholic wedding mass while being extremely respectful of the customs and traditions of the Catholic faith. She also had super ninja skills – some of my friends and family commented about how it was like she was everywhere all at once without ever being in the way. Overall, I felt like we were in the best hands having Meredith as our wedding photographer."

gina + michael


"the best decision we made"

"Meredith is unmatchable! She was the best decision we made for our wedding! She was helpful and responsive from the moment we hired her, 8 months before the wedding. She made sure the day and our photos reflected who we truly are, and she fit right in with the wedding party as soon as she arrived. Throughout the day, she worked hard to make sure everyone in the wedding felt comfortable with her, and she took pictures that authentically captured each special moment! Halfway through our reception, she came in to tell us that she'd found a great backdrop outside and wanted to give us the opportunity for more pictures. Some of our favorite pictures from the day came from that spontaneous, sunset shoot! Meredith genuinely goes ABOVE AND BEYOND. Truly one of the most talented photographers we have ever seen and such a gift to us."

mary + michael


"lively, real, natural..."

"We searched high and low for a GREAT photographer (I mean, come on…you’re only going to get these photos once!) for literally the longest time in prep for the wedding. I am extremely picky! When we found Meredith, we knew right away. Her photos were exactly what we were looking for. They were lively, real, natural, luminescent, fun, and oh so genuine. We immediately got in touch with Meredith, and she was so sweet and excited to work with us. We could tell right away that Meredith was very experienced. She was very relaxed about everything, and she was happy to meet all our needs. Our wedding was going to be a big one with lots of friends and family and a bridal party of 13 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen. Both my husband and I come from large, Catholic families. Nonetheless, Meredith showed a lot of confidence and excitement by this news. She thrives on flexibility in chaotic situations. She uses that flexibility to her advantage, we realized, in capturing many little passing moments during the wedding and reception; those photos were the sweetest and so genuine.
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meaghan + eddie


"...luminescent, fun, and genuine"

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Meredith was SO GOOD at working with everyone. She made everyone feel comfortable, even those who were camera shy, while making every photo look natural and not so posed. She took authority when needed to quickly get all of our family, friends, and bridal party in a picture, and yet she took just the right amount of time to make sure everyone looked good. Meredith got the important and fun posed shots, but she also wasn’t constantly asking my husband and I or everyone else to pose for photos, but rather, she captured all these natural moments as we all enjoyed the best day ever. I don’t know how Meredith seemed to capture every moment, but she truly did, and she was so enthusiastic, fun, and complimenting while doing so. We COULDN’T BE HAPPIER with our photos. We’ve had three weddings in my immediate family thus far (mine being the fourth), and everyone had such high praises to sing of Meredith (that is saying SOOO much). I cannot recommend her enough!!!!

meaghan + eddie

good times + spontaneity