When my parents gave me my first camera in high school, I had no idea that what they were actually handing me was the ticket to my future. 

Today, I document some of the world’s favorite firsts -- first looks, first kisses and first dances -- at weddings in Kansas City and beyond. And no matter how many weddings I roll up to in my favorite black overalls with cameras in hand, I’m amazed that they can be so intimate and so massive, so sacred and yet such a freaking blast!

So, with an approach to photography that is both whimsical and warm, I transform authentic interactions into beautiful keepsakes for you to treasure forever. Rather than posing every limb, I make space for stories to unfold. 

On a wedding day I'm equally as likely to be found praying over you with your girls before you head down the aisle, and taking a shot of that apple pie moonshine your best man is passing around, the one he made especially for today. I promise to be your hype woman, schedule keeper, defender of your wants and needs all day long, and to tell you how damn good you look at least six times an hour. I know a thing or two about helping a wedding day go smoothly. And if you feel awkward in front of the camera, I’ll help you shake off the nerves. It’s my goal to help you forget there’s even a camera in the room and just be totally present on the happiest day of your life.


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about me

enfp. passionate catholic + worship leader. midwest-based adventure seeker.  always up for good coffee and great stories. i'd love to capture yours.  

But when I’m not grabbing lattes (or margaritas, who knows!) with new clients or catching the moves your grandpa's busting on the reception dance floor, you can catch me leading worship for local churches, trying to keep up with my wild German Shepherds, buying cute outfits for my sweet baby Sadie, or planning my next snowboarding or scuba diving adventure with my husband Greg (he's the one with the beard)

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I get to be a witness to some of the most real and raw moments life has to offer, and catch unexpected, unrepeatable memories before they disappear forever. that's pretty cool in my book.

You’ll remember the sweet words your dad whispered in your ear before escorting you down the aisle, and look back on the moment the groomsmen iced your new husband, making him burst into the kind of laugh that makes his whole face light up - the laugh that made you fall in love. 

At the end of the day, I can genuinely say that I love my job, and I don’t ever take that rare blessing for granted.

come vibrantly to life.

Each image in your gallery will unlock a precious, unique memory from your wedding day, and you’ll see all of the people you love most

And speaking of adventures, I can’t wait to capture the highlights as you launch into this exciting new adventure of marriage!

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