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I worked in full time youth + music ministry for 4 years after college.

I'd take a ski lodge over a beach house, every time

...but scuba diving with my husband in Hawaii is easily one of the coolest things I've ever done.

I met the Jonas Brothers at a mall once when I was in high school.

If it's a good coffee shop, I either order the most out-there thing on the menu or ask the barista to make me a surprise.

My daughter's name is loosely based on my favorite worship song.

Shea McGee is my interior design idol.

My husband proposed with a German Shepherd puppy, so for his wedding gift I gave him...another German Shepherd puppy. Dyson should probably sponsor us.

My favorite parts of photographing weddings are capturing artful detail shots, suuuuper dramatic light, and above all, creating space for real emotions to flow. I hope you leave your wedding day with not just nice photos, but genuine lasting memories.

fast facts:

photo: abigail ranney

I grew up in St Louis, but now Kansas City is home

home base

2 German Shepherds,
Samson + Delilah

our pups

Sadie Blaise, the happiest baby
in all the land

our little babe

Greg's swing dancing skills + great beard = marriage material

my husband

My friend Lauren snapped this shot at the end of the night after our photographers had left.

On a technical level, it’s not perfect: it’s pixellated, the horizon line is crooked, no faces are visible, and you can’t see us in it at all.  But when I saw it posted on Instagram after our wedding day had passed, none of that mattered.

The memory captured in this photo makes me emotional to this day. I so vividly remember the feeling of being surrounded and embraced by our family + friends, swaying all together as we belted the lyrics to Piano Man at the end of the best day of my life.

The priest extending his hands over us is one of my dearest friends, and I didn’t even know he was praying over us at the time...but this photo showed me the full story, which was even more beautiful than I realized at the time.

i will treasure this iphone photo for the rest of my life.

want to see one of my favorite photos from my wedding?

My point in sharing that is not to say that photo quality doesn't matter (obviously I believe it does)....but just as crucial as technical skill, is knowing how to identify the priceless moments that will mean the world to you when the guests have left, the flowers have dried up and the magic has faded.

I strive to focus not just on the main event, but on the moments happening on the fringes that you might otherwise miss...the ones that won't ever get featured in a magazine, but will mean the world to you;

I believe the most meaningful photos are the ones that just can’t be repeated or posed. It’s my mission to allow space for your story to unfold and for emotions to flow, so that you leave your wedding day not only with nice photos, but actual lasting memories.  

I want to help you be present enough to let your heart rest, respond to the moment, and feel. 
To encourage you to build in intentional time with your spouse on your wedding day, to slow down and intentionally soak everything in. 

With an approach to photography that is both whimsical and warm, I transform authentic interactions into beautiful keepsakes for you to treasure forever. While it lights me up to create photos that make you think "damn...we look goooood!"....my job is so much more than just posing and pressing a button.  Beyond all the fun direction and artistic shots, I make space for your story to unfold.

One where the most poignant moments are unrehearsed, unposed, and fleeting. Sometimes they're messy.

Truth is, my heart beats a little faster for the photos of the in-between…the ones that might not be “perfect”, but reflect a glimmer of something genuine and unrepeatable.

My hope is to give you the gift of those moments to carry with you, even when your memory fades. To keep them tangible so that every time you open your wedding album, the joy of that season all comes flooding back.

I hope that in them, you will see how profoundly loved you are.

"Now at last they were beginning chapter one of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever, in which every chapter is better than the one before."

CS Lewis



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